LS1/LS6 ZEX Nitrous System Direct Port Wet Kit (100-175hp) w/ 10lb Black Bottle


Model Number: 82235B

ZEX LSX direct port nitrous systems are complete, easy-to-install kits that make big power for Fast LSX manifold-equipped LS1/LS6 engines. Why not take your LSX-equipped engines to the next horsepower level and add one of these ZEX LSX direct port nitrous systems? These kits add 75 to 300 hp and use a patent-pending injector nozzle that delivers optimum nitrous and fuel atomization. The kits also use advanced, patented electronics to activate at wide-open throttle. ZEX LSX direct port nitrous systems use patented technology that monitors bottle pressure and adds or subtracts enrichment fuel for optimum performance. They come with custom-length distribution flex lines, so no cutting or bending of hard lines is required. These kits come complete with everything needed for installation, right down to the wire ties. Kits are available with and without bottles.

Actual product varies from image.

Weight 1 oz


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