LS1/LS2 Lunati Street/Strip Camshaft (212/221 116LSA)


Model Number: 20540502

If you are looking for that extra performance and consistency needed to compete at the strip but you still want to be able to hit the local cruise-in, this line of Lunati Street/Strip camshafts are just what you are looking for. These Hydraulic Roller Tappet camshafts have been computer designed to deliver added performance without being too harsh on valve train components.

  • Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 270/279
  • Duration @ .050 (Int/Exh): 212/221
  • Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh): .510″/.510″
  • LSA/ICL: 116/112
  • Valve Lash (Int/Exh): Hyd/Hyd
  • RPM Range: 1800-4800
  • Includes: Cam Only


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