LS1/LS2/LS6 AFR 210cc Mongoose Street Aluminum Cylinder Heads


Model Number: 1510
Air Flow Research

For the ultimate high performance street LS1/LS2/LS6 aluminum cylinder head AFR’s all new 210cc emission legal E/O # D250-4 are your only choice. Specifically designed for 1997 to present Gen-3 Chevy Corvettes, Camaros, and trucks using a 3.900 Bore. AFR’s LSX cylinder head offers unmatched flow performance (302 CFM at .600lift) and features 2.020 intake and 1.600 exhaust valves with AFR’s iron ductile interlocking valve seats. With only 210cc port volume (same as stock LS1 head) this is an incredible 70 CFM increase over stock casting, creating unbelievable port velocity and performance.

These 210cc cylinder heads is ideal for normally aspirated 346C.I. to 396C.I. It is available with 66cc combustion chambers. AFR’s LSX is a direct bolt on, no special parts required. Structural features like Air Flow Research’s trademark 3/4” thick head deck, a must for blown and nitrous applications, reinforced rocker stud bosses, and thick wall runners provide unparalleled durability. An exclusive new modern combustion chamber design with double quench pad area helps the LSX generate huge low and mid lift airflow numbers.

Hydraulic roller cams in “LS” Gen III engines typcially experience valve float at 6600-6800 RPM’s. If you are using aftermarket rocker arms valve float will become prominent and AFR highly recommends upgrading to the #8019 spring. If you plan on running over .600 gross valve lift and/or 6600 RPM, AFR suggests you upgrade your springs to AFR part #8019.

Note:LSX bead locks and aftermarket bead locks are not interchangeable. GM made their bead lock radius and depth different. AFR locks are the same as GM LSX.

These heads are completed with parts.


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