LS1 Crane Cams Z Series Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 216/224 115LSA


Model Number: 1449565

These Z series hydraulic roller camshafts from Crane feature accelerated valve action. The intake and exhaust valves are opened at a quicker rate than other profiles, which contributes to significant improvements in low and midrange performance. Z series cam profiles have proven to be compatible with popular valvetrain combinations, maintaining excellent long-term reliability. In day-to-day driving, these cams exhibit more docile characteristics, such as a smooth idle and good engine vacuum, but still deliver solid performance gains under full acceleration.

  • Duration: 216 Intake/224 Exhaust on a 115LSA at .050 Inch Lift
  • Lift: .551″ Intake/.551″ Exhaust
Weight 1 oz


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