Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer


Model Number: 2000-2

Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 power programmers feature a larger backlit LCD screen that provides more user-friendly navigation. They can reprogram the tire pressure monitoring threshold when installing larger than stock tires (application specific feature).

Additional functions (depending on the vehicle application):

* Raise the top-speed limiter to match the speed rating of high performance tires

* Raise the engine’s rpm limiter for increased performance

* Adjust individual automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness

* Recalibrate speedometer and odometer for non-stock tire sizes and/or gear ratio changes

* Lower the cooling fan on/off temperatures to match the thermostat rating

* Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and turn off “check engine” lights

* Ability to adjust settings or return to stock calibration at any time


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