98-02 LS1 Taylor 10.4mm Thundervolt 50 Wire Set


Model Number: 98003

ONLY 50 ohms per foot +(-) 20% resistance in a 10.4mm (?409? inch) diameter wire with three layers of pure Zimplex Silicone for optimum spark and performance. 600? heat protection with no additional sleeving required, pure 100% silicone PRO BOOTS? with double spring locking spark plug terminals for vibration free contact, and RFI Suppression compatible for today?s complex multiple spark discharge and electronic ignition systems make these Taylor Wires a must have.

*Don’t feel like spending a lot of money on Plug Wires? Looking for the best bang for your buck Plug Wire? Then try THIS Plug wires that are much cheaper and perform the same if not better! Plus Save $$ when in combination with spark plugs!

Weight 1 oz


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