98-02 LS1 SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit


Model Number: SC093

S.P.E.C. Inc, the innovator in LSX clutch technology, introduces their new line of single disc performance clutches and flywheels for LSX powered applications. The Super Single line is now the standard offering and features torque capacity increases of 150 ft lbs per stage over the previous generation SPEC units, with a pedal effort reduction of over 25%!

The clutch kits are available in 7 different single disc stages, supporting all power levels and drivability requirements up to an amazing 967 pound feet torque for the street/strip units and 1100 ft lbs for drag specific units.

The SPEC Super Single not only delivers on performance and drivability, but value, as well. SPEC is maintaining MSRP from the previous generation kits!

Stage 3 clutches come with a sprung center disk with 6-puck pad design. The disk pads are a carbon/ceramic combination, rated to 832 ft/Ibs of torque. The ULTIMATE STREET/STRIP CLUTCH! Sharp but smooth engagement with light pedal. SPEC Clutch kits are one of the newest and most popular clutch kits.

For those of you that want more holding power than the Stage 3 can support, but don’t want the harshness of a Stage 4 (which contains no springs on the disk assembly), now available is the upgraded Stage 3+ (SC093F) clutch. This kit includes a full-faced carbon metallic friction disk capable of holding up to 967 ft/Ibs of torque!!! The 3+ offers good daily drivability and better manageability than the stage 3, with even better wear characteristics. Make your selection below.

All kits Include: Pressure plate, clutch disc, TO bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.

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3 reviews for 98-02 LS1 SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 3 reviews )

    Chris Houghon

    Ive had this on my 96′ Z-28 for a few thousand milesand its great! Its my daily driver with over 400 N/A rwhp, and this things holds the power no problem, and without much sacrifice in daily driving ability at all. The only downside is theres alittle chatter when going from a stop, but barely noticable and it well worth the quality!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 3 reviews )

    Steve Wilcutt (verified owner)

    Put this clucth on my 02 WS6 Trans Am and it’s a monster. It’s got a really strong bite. It took some getting used to at first cause there’s no play in the catch point. The clutch is either ON or OFF there’s no inbetween. There was some chatter for the break in point in the first 500 miles, but after that it went away completely. I use it for a daily driver and no problems so far. I got this clutch cause I plan on doing a lot to the car and this will hold the power.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 3 reviews )

    Josh Richie (verified owner)

    Great street/strip clutch. Takes some getting used to coming from a stock clutch because it’s either in or out, but overall it’s a beast of a clutch. I bought my first one in 2007 and put 32k miles on it with countless 6k-6500 clutch dumps on a cam only full weight Z28. Worked flawlessly and took everything I threw at it. I’m bout to be installing a new one this week.

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