98-02 LS1 ATI Harmonic Balancer , No Underdrive (W/AC)


Model Number: 917242
ATI Performance Products

LS1 7-1/2” HARMONIC DAMPER – SFI . For internally balanced engines, Neutral balanced.

Has degree markings from 0 tdc to 359 atdc

Unit is a steel/elastomer construction.

comes in a black zinc finish

sfi 18.1 approved

This unit is machined to accept The standard ls1 Drive belts, These also make a great addition to high horsepower engines by eliminating Power robbing crankshaft vibrations. They are tunable and fully rebuildable.

Are you looking for maximum engine protection and performance for your serpentine belt application? These ATI Super Damper serpentine harmonic balancers contain grooves for serpentine belts machined into the outer damper shell. The dampers come standard with six outer grooves for standard OEM drive systems. Specifically designed for high-rpm engines, they’re tuned to eliminate the harmful crankshaft harmonics that cause parasitic horsepower loss. They’re tunable in the field, rebuildable, and extremely efficient at all rpm.

Weight 1 oz


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