93-97 LT1 Eagle 4340 Steel Crankshaft 3.75 Stroke


Model Number: 4350375057
Eagle Specialty

1993-1997 LT1 Eagle 4340 Steel Crankshaft, SBC Int.Bal., 2-Pc.Rr.Seal, 3.750 Stroke, 5.700 ROD LENGTH, 1875 BOBWEIGHT, 2.100 ROD JOURNAL.

This forged 4340 steel crankshaft from Eagle Specialty Products are great for high-performance applications. They feature non-twist forging, go through a multi-stage heat-treatment process, and are stress-relieved and shot-peened. These cranks are X-rayed, magnafluxed, and sonic tested, so you know you’re getting a top-quality piece.

Weight 1 oz


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