84-92 Fbody Energy Suspension Torque Arm Mount Bushing


Model Number: 3-1112R
Energy Suspension

Energy Suspensions performance polyurethane transmission-to-differential torque arm bushings reduce wheel hop on acceleration, shudder during breaking, and even adds greater handling control. These are a real must when using higher performance tires and horsepower upgrades. They work just like a traction bar by firming things up!

Note: Is made for the Lips Facing Towards Driveshaft.

Color: Available in Red.

Weight 1 oz

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    Jamie Boulanger

    i didnt buy one from you guys…sorry! you didnt carry them yet! anyways, if you dont have the money to buy a better torque arm, this is the bushing to get. The stock one is crap! you can tell a difference when braking and a little bit in just the over handling…btw, its bitch to install, might want to consider having someone else do it.Dont pay more than an hours labor, or your getting ripped off. ;P

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