82-92 F-Body UMI Performance Tunnel Mounted Torque Arm – TH400 Transmission (Front Drive Shaft Loop)


Model Number: 2219
UMI Performance

This tunnel mounted torque arm is designed to work with a TH400 (Short tail Only) transmission installed into an 82-92 Camaro or Firebird. This item is supplied with a transmission crossmember with provisions to install a TH400 and a new shorter style adjustable torque arm. The TH400 transmission does not have provisions to mount the factory torque arm onto the transmission tail shaft. This set-up makes the TH400 transmission swap an easy 100% bolt in installation.

This torque arm set-up is designed to remove the front mounting point of the torque arm off the transmission, protecting the tail shaft from damage. This torque arm is supplied with pivot brackets that allow (2) settings to allow easy instant center adjustments. By simply moving the torque arm into the next location you can automatically change the instant center point of the vehicle. This is very crucial on low to mid horse-power cars and can easily lower 60-foot times. This set-up bolts to existing floor pan holes using 0.188” thick mild steel CNC machined mounting plates and metric grade 10.9 hardware. The complete cross brace is constructed of 0.120” thick rectangular tubing and attaches to the torque arm using 0.250” thick mild steel mounting pivot plates with Grade 8 hardware. The torque arm is attached to the supplied cross brace using an Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing set-up on both the supplied cross brace and torque arm. Polyurethane was chosen as a mounting point to keep road noise at a minimum and eliminate unwanted “clunks” found with other set-ups available. The grease-able polyurethane bushings absorb road irregularities and protect noise from entering the passenger compartment. The rear mounting points feature 0.375” thick CNC machined mounting plates and are appropriately drilled to fit your stock rear as well as aftermarket 12-Bolt and 9” Rear-end housings. This set-up requires no welding or drilling and can be installed with basic hand tools; this is a complete bolt-in design!

Front Drive Shaft Loop- This item is supplied with a NHRA legal drive shaft loop and is designed to work with drive shafts up to 3” in diameter.

Torque Arm Benefits:

  • Removes torque arm from transmission tail shaft protecting transmission from damage
  • Eliminates wheel hop and solves traction problems
  • Reduces front end nose dive during braking
  • Allows for on-car pinion angle adjustments
  • Polyurethane bushings designed to keep road noise at a minimum
  • Front mounting point utilizes a grease-able pivot point with instant center adjustment
  • Bolt-on design requires no welding or drilling!

Build Features:

  • Constructed of 1.250” x 0.120” DOM seamless steel tubing
  • Front cross member uses 0.120” x 3.000” rectangular tubing
  • TIG welded 4140 chrome moly tube adaptors
  • On-car adjuster built using 4140 chrome moly steel and heat treated for maximum strength
  • Front pivot mount is supplied with grade 8 mounting hardware and locking nuts
  • All polyurethane bushings are grease-able to prolong bushing life
  • All mounting plates are CNC machined to insure hole to hole accuracy
  • Rear mounting plates use 0.375” thick mild steel and are designed to fit stock as well as 12- bolt and 9” rear-end housings
  • Rear mounts feature solid QA1 ¾” rod eyes and are attached using grade 8 hardware
  • Brilliant durable powder coat finish

    Rear Torque Arm Hardware Kit- We highly recommend purchasing a new hardware kit if running this torque arm on a stock rear-end, Strange or other similar rear-ends that use a straight through bolt design. OEM torque arm bolts will work however are slightly too short and may not work correctly. If you are running a Moser Engineering 12-Bolt rear-end this kit is not needed, you must reuse hardware supplied by Moser Engineering. This kit however is recommended for the Moser 9”.

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