82-02 Spohn LCA Relocation Brackets


Model Number: 210-S
Spohn Performance

Repositions your instant center by lowering your control arm angle for increased traction and anti-squat. Lowers rear of control arm up to 3″. This product is a must for lowered vehicles to correct your suspension geometry. Lowering your vehicle alters the LCA angle putting the rear of the LCA higher than the front of the LCA, this causes massive wheel hop and traction loss.

NON-LOWERED vehicles will also see a dramatic increase in traction by lowering the rearward angle of the LCA with our relocation brackets. The lower mount holes are placed in the arc pattern of the OEM length LCA. Therefore allowing a non-lowered F-Body to drop the rear LCA angle and NOT require a longer than OEM LCA. All geometry is correctly maintained. The anti-squat performance is providing most users with a full .10 or better 60′ reduction!

Brackets are Laser-Cut from 3/16″ cold rolled steel using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology for precision tolerances. Must be welded into place. Hardware is included. Since the brackets must be welded in place, Spohn ships them bare. Weld in LCA Relocation Brackets are the only SAFE and EFFECTIVE way to install them.

Click HERE to see these installed.

Note: This kit is for a stock rear or Strange Engineering 12 bolt rear. If you have a Moser Engineering 12 bolt or Ford 9″ rear, use Spohn’s Part # 210-M relocation brackets. The part #210-M relocation brackets are designed specifically for installation on a Moser Engineering, Ford 9″, or 12 bolt rear housing. They will NOT work on a stock rear or a Strange Engineering 12 bolt rear housing, use Part #210-S for those applications.


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