82-02 Spohn Full Length Adjustable Torque Arm


Model Number: 399
Spohn Performance

Full length transmission mounted adjustable torque arm for the 1982-2002 F-Body.

Replace your flimsy factory torque arm with a durable Spohn tubular version and put the power where it belongs – the pavement! Built from 1.25″ x .120″ tubing with a heavy-duty 3/8″ rear mounting bracket. Bolts directly in place of factory torque arm using all factory mounting locations. Requires no welding or drilling. Equipped with an adjuster for changing pinion angle and a new, low deflection polyurethane front bushing.

If you want serious performance, handling, and traction when you’re at the dragstrip, AutoX, or road racing; then you need a Spohn Performance fully adjustable torque arm, here’s what it’ll do:

  • Attaches to the rear axle and controls rear end torque during acceleration, transferring this energy into the tires, increasing straight line traction.
  • Reduces nose-dive during braking
  • Eliminates wheelhop
  • Increases sidebite during corner exit acceleration
  • Bolt-on system does not require complete interior removal as with other kits
  • No fabrication, welding or drilling required – 100% bolt-in installation!
  • Provides adjustable pinion angle
  • FREE angle finder included to set pinion angle

Build Specifications:

  • Constructed of 1.25″ o.d. x .120″ wall DOM (drawn over mandrel) seamless mild steel tubing
  • Front “stub” of torque arm is reinforced by TIG welding a piece of 1″ solid 4140 chrome moly into the i.d. of the front snub. This is the strongest transmission mounted torque arm on the market = bullet-proof!
  • TIG welded 4130 chrome moly threaded tube adapters
  • Heavy-duty 3/8″ thick steel rear housing mounting plates
  • Polyurethane bushing front mount for minimal road noise
  • Front torque arm polyurethane bushing mount allows for fore and aft travel, as well as free rotational travel for bind-free performance
  • Rear of torque arm mounts to the 3/8″ thick steel rear housing mounting plates via two 3/4″-16 NFT x 5/8″ bore x 7/8″ thick solid steel rod ends. These are solid rod ends, not spherical bearing rod ends, so noise is of no concern. Grade 8 – 5/8″ bolts and 5/8″ nylock nuts are used.
  • Integral Pinion Angle Adjuster between the bottom rear solid rod end and the bottom rear torque arm tube allows for easy pinion angle adjustment. A simple turn of the wrench will give you 6 degrees of pinion angle adjustment, it’s that simple.
  • Entire package is a complete bolt-in assembly using existing mounting points on the vehicle. No drilling or welding is required!
  • This is a proven product being run on some of the fastest F-Bodies in the country!
  • Rear mounting bracket is designed to fit on the OEM rear or an aftermarket 12 bolt or Ford 9″ rear
  • Available powder coated red or black.

NOTE: 1982-1992 cars require the use of a factory torque arm bushing clamshell mount designed for bushing type 7-1609. If your vehicle is equipped with a 7-1611 type bushing, you will need to get the 7-1609 type clamshell.

Now Available: The ultimate in bullet-proof lightweight strength, 100% TIG welded chrome moly construction! Same as above, but torque arm is constructed entirely from 1.25″ x .095″ 4130 chrome moly tubing. Make your choice below.

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    Kristian Smith

    I really like this torque arm, but I would not suggest it for someone who has a stock y-pipe as mine rattled against the ypipe until I got my ORY.

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