2010+ Camaro Spohn Performance 32mm Rear Sway Bar


Model Number: C10-RSB-125
Spohn Performance

The 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro suffers from significant understeer and body roll. Spohn Performance sway bars are the single biggest handling improvement you can make to your Camaro! The 32mm competition rear sway bar dramatically reduces body roll and wheel hop while increasing cornering capability, it’s perfect for tuning a car to reduce excessive understeer. Don’t skimp on the foundation of your suspension!

Spohn’s competition rear sway bar is larger & stronger 32mm (1.25″) diameter solid 4140 chrome moly to reduce body roll, wheel hop and provide predictable handling. Compared to the factory’s (SS) .865″ diameter rear sway bar our rear sway bar really puts the Camaro “on rails”, it’s a night and day difference in handling performance and traction, and our rear sway bar is three-way adjustable. It also really helps to keep the IRS’ wheel hop under control and the three end link attachment points allow you to dial in the way the car responds to throttle steer and driver input.

The competition rear sway bar is made from solid 4140 heat treated spring grade chrome moly steel. The bar is entirely heat formed and coined as one piece. They put the bar through this extensive process to insure that the final product will be the strongest, most durable bar on the market, and that it will be the most resistant to form alteration.

The competition rear sway bar includes fluted polyurethane bushings with silver zinc plated bushing shells. The sway bar also includes two chrome plated shaft collars that lock in the bar’s lateral position to prevent any side to side movement. The entire assembly is a 100% bolt-in installation. The sway bar is available powder coated in your choice of the above colors for a brilliant and durable finish.

End Links: The competition rear sway bar can be used with the factory end links or you can choose to add the Extreme Duty rear end links for the ultimate in adjustability, strength and handling performance; make your choice in the option box.

Tech Note: Due to the stiffness of the competition rear sway bar, use of the 32mm front sway bar is highly recommended.


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